Sick Leave Bank Information


Jennifer Bove       
Human Resources Administrator                     
Reading Public Schools                                        
82 Oakland Road                                                  
Reading, MA 01867                                             
Fax: 781-942-9149                                                       

Eric Goldstein, RTA President
Attn:  Sick Leave Bank Committee
Walter S. Parker Middle School
45 Temple Street
Reading, MA  01867
781-944-1236 Ext. 221
Fax: 781-942-9008

Maternity Leave:  You are eligible for eight (8) weeks under Massachusetts Parental Leave Act

Medical Leave:  You are eligible for twelve (12) weeks under  Family Medical Leave Act

Sick Leave Bank 

The Sick Leave Bank Committee (SLBC) shall determine eligibility for use of the bank and the amount of leave to be granted, based on the following criteria:

  1. Completion of one year of service, except a lesser amount as the SLBC may otherwise determine for a good cause.
  2. Complete usage of all accumulated or accrued sick leave.
  3. Physician’s statement certifying to the disability, illness, or accident (submitted with the application requesting bank days and any renewal thereof).
  4. The applicant’s integrity to build a sick leave accumulation will be a prime consideration in any approval.
  5. No prior record of sick leave abuse.

The decision of the SLBC regarding any request shall be final and not subject to appeal (other than a one time optional reconsideration by the SLBC itself at the request of the applicant).
The initial grant by the SLBC to an eligible employee shall not exceed thirty (30) days. Upon completion of the thirty (30) day period, additional entitlement may be extended by the SLBC upon demonstration of need by the applicant, not to exceed 120 days for the same illness or accident. Grants awarded from the SLBC may not exceed 120 days in one academic year.

To apply to the SLBC, send the request form below and a physician’s statement to the contacts above.

Click this link to download the request form: SickLeaveBankRequestForm

Additional information regarding pregnancy and parental leave is available from the Massachusetts Teachers Association: Pregnancy and parental leave for school employees.