RTA Scholarship

The Association will award a scholarship, in the amount of one-thousand dollars ($1,000) to a relative of an RTA member. The scholarship shall be subject to the following guidelines.

The scholarship is available to any son, daughter, niece, or nephew of an RTA member who is graduating from high school during the year of application for the scholarship.

The applicant must have been accepted at a school to further his/her education.

The applicant must apply in letter form, stating the following information:
1. Name
2. Address
3. School applied to and its address
4. Copy of the acceptance letter
5. Copy of the student’s most recent high school grades transcript
6. Statement of intent to attend that school
7. Relation to RTA member

The winner of the Association Scholarship(s) shall be determined by
joint consultation between the President of the Association and a
guidance counselor from Reading Memorial High School, based on
evaluation of the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the applicants.

In the event of more than one applicant for the scholarship, the applicants
Grade Point Average (GPA) shall determine the recipient. In the event of
GPA’s being equal, duplicate scholarships shall be awarded.

All documentation relevant to applying for the Association Scholarship
must be sent to: RTA Scholarship c/o Eric Goldstein, Parker Middle School, 45 Temple Street, Reading, MA

Applications close on May 15 of each year.